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Other villages to discover

Balagne tourism micro-region of Corsica, home to the towns of Calvi and Ile Rousse, invites you to discover many other remarkable villages:

• Monticello
• Corbara
• San Antonino
• Lumio
• Algajola
• Sant 'Ambroggio
• Calenzana

Western Corsica region between sea and mountains, offers an unforgettable holiday in the heart of an exceptional nature.

Calvi Surroundings, West Corsica

Carte de la Balagne

Discover Calvi and its region

Enjoy your stay at The Magnolia Hotel to discover Calvi and its historic citadel, located on the west coast of Corsica, capital of Balagne south of Ile Rousse.

Calvi opens on a beautiful bay and offers a magnificent view of the high mountains of the chain Cinto, overlooking the valley and Balagne Calenzana. You can visit the city museum in the heart of the historic citadel on a rocky promontory, where an ancient tradition in fact the birthplace of Christopher Columbus in 1441.

This same citadel that dominates the lower town of Calvi and its port, pleasant walk with its many shops and restaurants along the water.

A Near Calvi, you have a wide choice of beautiful villages such as Calenzana Lumio or Algajola.

Visit Île Rousse

Located a few minutes drive north of Calvi, the pretty town of Ile Rousse awaits. Famous for its lighthouse and red granite islands, Île Rousse is a pleasant seaside resort with beautiful beaches in the heart of the city. The quality of life that prevails and its usability and well-being, making it one of the most popular cities of Corsica.

A Near Ile Rousse, you can also find other beautiful and unspoilt villages such as Monticello, Santa Reparata di Balagna or Corbara.